Sober in October

Sober in October

White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit! Welcome to October 2013. It is time to be sober in October. Countdown 92 – The Point of being Abstemious. It is 92 days before the start of the New Year. Are you ready to accept it? Are you ready to commit to The New Year? It is your choice, no one can make the choice for you. I can inspire you or try to motivate you but the final decision will be yours. Being abstemious helps. When we look back over the years of generations of resolutions we can see quite clearly the obvious reasons for failure. We may well start off in a rhythmic mode coupled with desire and passion but generally speaking our goals fizzle away like effervescence from a pop soda. I want you to become serious, I am not ordering you to do so because ultimately you will make the final decision. To become serious we need to start now rather than on the 1st of January 2014. In the next 92 days we can determine what causes our passions and desires to fizzle away like the effervescence of a pop soda. I want you to imagine that today is the 1st of January 2014. By now you should have mustered up a series of goals that you want to finalise. Be it a diet, a holiday, a home, a car or one of the numerous goals that lie in wait. You know that you cannot achieve them overnight. Everything takes time. Time is something that you do have, it is your greatest asset. However like a fizz in a cola drink your goals can slowly diminish. Sober in October is your starting point to become abstemious. If you want to go on a diet than start right away by reducing ‘carbo’ enriched foods. See how long you can sustain it. It is the virtual New Year, let us see how long you can sustain your goal. If you want to quit smoking start today. Abstain from smoking with a clout of determination. See how long it lasts. Quote of the day: ‘Abstemiousness behaviour requires a great deal of sacrifice. Sacrifice is something that you need to develop. From it comes the rectification of bad habits that induces the common onset of failure.’ Over the next 92 days we shall develop the power of being abstinent. Doing this will enable us to become more committed to the New Year. Our mission is to become successful in whatever facet we choose. My mission is to inspire you and motivate you to take action.


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