What is life without life itself?


What is life without life itself

I often wondered what life without life itself is. This is such a pertinent question for it answers so many other questions. Have you ever wondered what life without life itself is? Life is such a grandeur filled with magnificence from the colourful flora that covers borders, boundaries and surrounding fields to the diversity of the fauna that nestles in sea-beds, in tree stumps, in the forests, in hollows and in great burrows. It is these key elementary species of life that I am referring to when I ask the pertinent question what life without life itself is. What is the spider without its web or the caterpillar without the cocoon? What is the honey bee without the pollen and what is pollen without the flowering plant? What are the penguins doing in the Arctic Circle whilst the polar bear snuggles in the Antarctica? Why do baboons behave with such aggression whilst the majestic Flamingos live in serenity? What is the hummingbird without the flowering bud and what is the flowering bud without the hummingbird? Why does a tortoise exist if it is so slow, sluggish and without any real purpose? Why do snakes exist if they do not have limbs to walk but then again why do they need to walk when they can slither? Why do birds migrate for such enormous distances and why do bats sleep during the day? Why does an elephant need a task or does a walrus for that matter? These questions amongst many others offer a purposeful answer. All humans are fundamentally the same but animals and plants are fundamentally different. Each species has a fundamental purpose in life and that purpose essentially is maintain a steady flow of vital gases for all living creatures on Earth including us. Without which life will not exist. So, when you scan the open fields and see a multitude of different life forms and feel that they have no real purpose in life or that you can uproot them or discard them, then thin again. You have to value, respect and care for all. This is your real purpose in life. Have a great month in February 2013 and remember that you are here too in the 21st Century for a valid reason. Love your life and understand your purpose. Keep up each and fulfil that purpose.


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