Dear Friends as we see July vanish into history we must be brave and stalwart in seeing August arise along the horizon tomorrow. As the Sun rises it starts the canvas of human occupation yet again. As we lay an inscription onto the canvas of life with our daily activities we see the past the way we intended it to be. Making good memories is based on good intent and selfless abilities. No human being needs to suffer. Therefore I say onto to you grasp onto life and inscribe the canvas of your territorial occupation with worldly deeds and innermost feelings of desire and passion to recognise that you are here for a fundamental purpose. That purpose has be unshielded in my tweets and chimes over the past 8 months. Become an avid reader of information and open new doors to your life on planet Earth. Settle for nothing less and nothing more. I say onto you start your day with a prayer and end it with gratitude. To this everyday for 100 years and you will secure your place in heaven whereupon you will be recruited for further duties tenfold. Every individual alive today is accounted for and every individual has the equal right to fairness. Make tomorrow a new beginning and make yesterday a significant milestone in your life where you gathered all your paraphernalia and entered a new abode of unselfishness and righteousness.


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