I bid you farewell. Did you fare well?

I would like to thank everyone for the immense tweets, feedback, comments and appreciation, for this I say ‘thank you from the bottom of my heart’. I bid you farewell as we say goodbye to March 2012. Did you fare well? My Friends, I must remind you of what the pleasures of The Creation can do for you, for him, for her and for all of them. I know because almost 18 years ago I was suicidal. Sometimes one feels ashamed to be open, but I have to be open for today I stand tall today knowing that GOD gave me a second chance. In the mysteries of The Creation I discovered simplicity amongst complexity and I have unravelled complexity with simplicity. I learnt so much and as my 53rd birthday approaches I want to make it a celebration bash by giving gifts to you so that you may change your life in the way that I have changed mine. Not that there is anything wrong with your life but the real emphasis on the true perspective of living is to be Happy, Contented and Successful, 24/7. Yes, every single day should instil the zest to be yourself and to feel the spirit of the air, to feel exalted in a mannerism that words cannot fully express, to be lifted into an elevated position and to travel in the disant fields of awe and wonder. As the new day of April is beside you, GOD makes this possible. There is work to be done and there is rewards to be achieved. Take the challenge and live your life to the fullest. With the fondest feelings of love and true friendship I bid you well as we ‘March into April 2012.’


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