The Universally Friendly Motto

Universally Friendly is a family of Friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. Log on to this site for further reading materials, opportunities and answers. Answers to long lost questions and long lost answers. The world is your oyster and the pearl is your treasure. In the valley of the forest, in the dunes of the desert, along the beds of the ocean floor, in caves of stalagatites and stalagamites, in the diminishing depth of the ionosphere, in the fertilty of new planets and in the dormancy of older planets life is enriched according to nature’s decree. Live your life in the richness of fondness and in the magnitude of acceptance. Walk the plains of your daily grind with the acknowledgement of accomplishment, fulfilment and desire. The essence of Universally Friendly is now bestowed upon you, him, her and finally all of them.


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