What is the definition of equal?


To be equal in life could mean many things. It could mean that everyone should be identical financially, in assets, in value or in living standards. To be equal in life could also mean having the same privileges, rights, status and opportunities as others. However I find the best way to be equal is to define ourselves as close and endearing friends, friends that care, share and remain fair. Equality is the platform upon which all humans should stand. Every human being should be able to eat adequately without unnecessary wastages. Every human being should be able to own their homes and to be able to provide their children with a good education. Happiness is the real result of equality. Although we are fundamentally the same we differ in our goals. How we then live, eat and become educated will be dependent on our goals. Some may refer a large home or a small apartment in the city. Some may be vegetarians whilst others prefer further education or to become artisans. it does not matter but equality to ALL remains the same. The Universe is opulent and WILL cater for ALL!


About Universally Friendly

My name is Anthony, I am the founder of Universally Friendly, a circle of friends around the world that care, share and remain fair. I am the author of The Modern Day Trilogy. A set of books aimed to change your perspective to life and to bring home the happiness that you so deserve.

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