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Make August 2012 your month


Dear Friends, thank you so much for finding the time to read my blog and thank you to all my friends that have sent me DMs, likes, RTs and personal messages. I am indeed unduly grateful and will always honour my relationship with you. August is indeed a wonderful and lucky month for me, especially August the 15th. This is the day when a beloved person in my life had passed away so suddenly and so unexpectedly and also it is a day when a beloved niece of my mine was born. Every human life on planet Earth should be a valued treasure from day 1 to the very last day when we shall depart knowing in advance that we left behind a legacy of good deeds and worthy contributions for others to follow and take note. I want to celebrate August 2012 as a significant change for you. If you have been reading my Quotes you will see clearly that I offer inspiration to those that need and inspiration to those that have lost it. On August 31st I shall be offering The Modern trilogy for you for free or as a purchase in one of many formats to suit your needs and circumstances.

You must acquire this Trilogy for in it you shall receive conclusive answers to many questions that remain a conjecture in life for so long. The following video clip highlights these questions:

 I urge you to find the time to read my updated sites on the 31st of August 2012 and I hope and pray that your life will change significantly as mine did almost 18 years ago. I cannot express in words how exalted I feel and how inspired I treat the making of a new day in life. I now walk the streets with confidence and wiser. Dear Friends take the 30 day challenge and make lastly impression on your life for good.