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The Kaleidoscope pattern in your life,


The kaleidoscope pattern in your life,

Good day to you Dear Friends from a much brighter day here in good old London town. Despite the bad weather we still are here living in a world filled with surprises. Years ago we always shared a white Christmas. Today we don’t and having snowfalls in March shows clearly how climate change is affecting us all. There is a definite drift in seasonal change, flower blossom and migratory patterns. One thing for certain is that we are still here. We were placed here on Earth as sole custodians of the living world and like a school that gets monitored by Ofsted we too are been monitored. GOD watches over us each day as we watch over others. Where is it all going wrong? Where is there hope to cope? I spoke a few days ago about a kaleidoscope pattern in your life, I want to exemplify this to help us get things right again. When they say you are feeling blue it normally means that you are emotionally setback with a touch of gloom and melancholy. Blue on the contrary is such a vibrant colour filling the sky and horizon in a majestic pleasantness of opulence and wonder. So when you feel blue like a blue Monday reach out to the opulence of blue Universe and become part of it. Sometimes they refer to you as being yellow in a cloud of cowardice or possibly a sensationalist with gross exaggeration. Yellow, however fills the petals of daffodils and covers the rind of lemons and the nutritional aspect of egg yolk. You need to enrich yourself with the splendour of yellow, a primary colour in the visible spectrum. We often go red in the face because of an embarrassing moment, you know the feeling as I do on numerous occasions. Don’t feel like this any more but characterise your redness with an abundance of haemoglobin in your blood with succulence of strawberries and tomatoes. Go green and starting feeling clean with a special touch of your personal preen. Green is for the grass that covers the terrain. Green is the leaves that captures carbon dioxide in the air and releases oxygen. Green is for the environment and your individual contribution plays a key role in maintaining a healthy environment. White or black they say we are, but we are not. We are human beings through and through. White is for the snow that creates a duvet of softness on the peaks of mountains. White is the colour of visible light. Black is the absent of light. It is the vastness of ones imagination for there are no boundaries. Black is beautiful. Quote of the day: ‘Don’t fill the canvas of your day with colours that can ruin your day and your workload. Choose colours that enlighten you and make you feel part of the overall picture of life. Love you all dearly, but remember GOD loves YOU even more.


The Universe is Opulent


Dear Friends, how many of you can openly say that certain things in life is really impossible to find? When I was a young boy I always used to wonder why did I not have a birthday party or a toy for Christmas. I used to often wonder why I used to walk the streets without a pair of shoes or go to bed feeling hungry. I used to wonder why I did not go to a good school where my Peers could unselfishly impart valuable knowledge to me. Everyone will have a tale to tell and yet the Universe is opulent, pouring with an endless stream of wealth and health. I was only 35 years of age when I started to find out the reason why these things would happen. On reflection I feel hurt but the pain is not as potent as before but the memories are. It would be so wonderful to give onto others the gifts that will bring about inner joy and profound Happiness. This is my pledge to try and achieve at least just that. Bear with me and you shall see the world as never before. You will see how your life becomes so infused with valour and with courage. You will find the right tools to do the right work and you will wonder over the awe and magnificence of The Universe like never before. Be strong, be patient but don’t make others make you fell otherwise. Thank you for reading this message – Anthony