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Creative August – The month of Hyperactivity


Quote 387

Quote of the month

‘August 2016 is deemed the month of hyperactivity. It is the Science of being exceptionally active in order to achieve eternal success and happiness. In the past seven months you acquired various tools, essential power words, amazing quotes and riveting articles to stimulate you to take action every second of your day, August it is time to implement them.’

The use of the word hyper in this instance implies a phase of excitement in your life to acquire success and happiness stimulated by inspiration. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of August 2016. Sorry for the late tweets, my sister-in-law is here on holiday. Last night we went to the most exclusive Tandoori Restaurant in London, the food was good and the service was excellent. In the Databank Times there are reviews of restaurants around London with offers and discounts that you can get when you visit them. To achieve eternal success and happiness you need to be exceptionally active. To do this effectively you need to Merge Happiness and Success as one.  Merging Happiness and Success will always reveal a smile at the end of any day. They are like two peas in a pod. Many will seek success in the usual climatic way but are not necessarily happy. Some will try to pretend to be happy but are not really successful. To achieve success, you need to be happy. To remain happy, you to ensure you are climbing upwards rather than downwards. If you merge happiness and success together you will always attain a positive result. Who better to ask than me? I always set forth on my daily journey to work with happiness packed in my makeover. I never leave home feeling sad. If I do, then I know the outcome of my day will be ruined. The merging effect can be done effectively if you apply the SHARP Effect. The SHARP ensures that you merge happiness and success as one. The SHARP Effect consists of six potent words which will form the article of tomorrow. You need to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. The SHARP Effect is your useful application. Have a wonderful start to the month of August 2016. Take good care.


Saying Goodbye to November is easier when you know how!


A very warm welcome to ALL of my friends in the world of social networking. It is warm to embrace such an enormous talent of people the world over. I am grateful for this and I would like you to know that I cherish my relationship with you sincerely and passionately. May the grace of GOD be upon you each day this month and for the remaining years of your life on planet Earth? The purpose of this blog today is to keep you abreast of what’s happening here in London Town and to tell you how important change must come from within if you want to see 2012 conclude in the light of your daily dreams. This is really the making a meritocratic individual, an individual that plights for nothing more or nothing less when it comes to personal achievement and human unification. I want you to start vigorously if you have not done so already or I want you to maintain the standard that you have achieved thus-far. The world is indeed your oyster and your treasure is the pearl but to realise this is something that requires taciturnity. By this I mean true success does not come from outside you but rather from within you. Many of us tend to speak indefinitely about what they are going to do or to achieve but the mechanics of such talk amounts to nothing. Being taciturn makes you rather meritocratic instead. For you harbour your goals in your mind and you achieve it unselfishly amongst others. You don’t expect applaud from others but rather to focus on your results. Please attain the royalties of refinements and accomplishments through passiveness and unselfishness. This will see you through the year quite comfortably amongst the financial and political instability the world over. Love you ALL dearly and hope that you are able to gain aspiration from my blog today. Anthony