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March into March using the MODE Effect.



March into March using the MODE Effect

Quote of the day

‘Take charge of a new era in your life by marching into March with valour and vigour. Fill your socks with the warmth and suppleness that is needed to edge forward. Fill your heart with the glow that makes you flow. Fill your mind with the twinning of success and accomplishment of great people. Discover yourself first and then rediscover your entire surroundings. Recover from fallen dreams and uncover the secrets to succeeding. Uncover the glory that has been laid down from the beginning.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to March 2017. Are you ready to march into March? Like nectar to the bee and horns to the bison, like rain from above and springs from below you need valour and vigour to make it work. Valour is courage to take on the greatest task or the smallest task. If the shoe fits, we must execute a command with professionalism. That command could be getting up at a specific time or undertaking to dissolve a dilemma. Like a beaver that weaves through the undergrowth to stop the flow of water, you need to be able to weave your way through any growth. Experience helps, weariness does not and inexperience can be futile. Developing valour is rather a slow process. It comes with time. It comes with mannerism, optimism, dynamism and embolism. I call this the MODE effect. The MODE Effect establishes your Vigour. Briefly, Mannerism is about developing character in all that you do. People depend on you as you depend on them. If your character holds an emblem of honesty, quality and goodwill your courage is strong. Optimism is about sticking to a positive mode despite been thrown into a negative one. It’s hard but what is life without life itself. If a leaf falls on your front door do you get angry? If the wind blows a few tiles off your roof would you become angry? We have the appendages to resolve issues of different dimensions and expressions. Be optimistic, always. Dynamism is the ability to maintain your stamina. It is about having the zest to complete your tasks delivering your best in each instance. Finally, Embolism is the prime factor in developing your courage. As you know I created the ultimate Diary called Destinations. If you can recall, what was the primary importance of Destinations? Destinations taught you the principle of intercalation. It was about inserting into your diary sequentially a list of tasks that you can do perform with professionalism. Dear Friends, you can march into March with 100% vigour and valour or you can march into March with 0% vigour and valour.


Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity.


Project 215  Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity.

Quote of the day

‘Hope changes the trough of your predicament and shifts it to the climax of your success. Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity and changes it to Optimism and Goodwill’

 Dear Friends, the world paints an accurate picture of sufferings and pain on a daily basis. We see it but take no note of it. Water the essence of life is deprived to so many people. Diarrhoea kills at least 2,000 children per day as a result of lack of clean water. We have the technology to provide but lack the theology to supply. Every 5 seconds a child dies over a preventable cause. Preventable because we have the technology to provide but lack the ethnology to identify and supply. There is conflict in Syria and Ukraine, we have the technology to stop it but lack the methodology to implement it. There are 3.8 million refugees in Syria making it the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era. Families live in poverty in poorer countries as well as in richer countries. We have the technology to change this but lack the ideology to bring fairness to all. Dear Friends, the above forms a synopsis of trouble the world over. This is the trough of predicaments that I am referring to. This could be your predicament. We cannot depend on man for man is coveted with GREED. If it is commercially viable than man is interested. I say onto you and verily too, that GOD is here. GOD is omnipresent, omnifarious, omnipotent, omniscient, omnificent and omnibenevolent. Don’t listen to the GREEDY man that says he does not believe in GOD but believes in SCIENCE. Belief creates confidence for you to grow out of your predicament. Belief creates faith to ensure a steady and righteous path for you to follow. Belief makes you carry your TAG with you all day and all night. TAG stands for Trust Almighty GOD. When you believe you start to propagate hope. Hope is your lifeline. Hope changes the trough of your predicament and shifts it to the climax of your success. Hope Overcomes Pessimism and Enmity and changes it to Optimism and Goodwill. Hope gives you the confidence to move on. Hope makes you live in anticipation. Hope is faith, a lifeline you need. Hope is courage to overcome your adversaries. Hope is optimism laid out on a silver platter for you. I want you to march into March 2015 with HOPE. I want you to shift your trough of predicament into a climax of success. I want you to build passion in your heart and I want you to let it flow like the water that travels from the source of the river to its mouth thousands of miles later. Your source is your inspiration waiting to trickle in the frontiers of space and time. Tomorrow is the start of a new month and a time for you to create the first droplet of inspiration that will grow into your visionary thoughts of unselfishness making you what you want to become and making the world the way it was.