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Have no fear, it’s a New Year



Quote of the day

‘Have no fear in your heart, for it’s a New Year that appears on the horizon of hope. Shed no tear for 2017 will pave a clear path for you. I am here to help you to steer away from unforeseen danger and I will appear at the dawn of your day guiding you with inspiration from the bottom of my heart.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to 2017. Welcome to a New Year of hope and opportunities. Welcome to a beginning of a new era without the terror of failing but the pleasure of succeeding. My promise to you is to provide you with the constant flow of inspiration to your door through various means bespoke to your preference. To overcome your fear of failure you need to have a new vision of hope. Hope Is written in the stars glittering across the horizon to touch your heart. You just need to believe in yourself and you need to believe in Almighty GOD. This is a prerequisite. First, you need HOPE founded by FAITH. If you start the New Year with these two fundamental requisites your journey into 2017 will be a lot easier. HOPE and FAITH are like Fuel and Coolant to a car. Can you make the journey by car without fuel or water? Likewise, you cannot make the journey to success without Hope and Faith. Secondly, you need a constant flow of inspiration. Inspiration is like fire in the chambers of a car engine. As the spark plugs ignite the fuel there is timed combustion which causes the pistons to move up and down. Without the spark, there will be no movement. You need Inspiration to keep your passion and desire at a constant level. The third requirement to success follows a series of instructions that has previously worked. You cannot reinvent the wheel but you can certainly tweak it to suit your circumstances. Similarly, you cannot reinvent the rules to success. These rules were laid down aeons ago as far back as The Garden of Eden. Over the millenniums these rules were tweaked to suit changing circumstances. I followed a series of instructions 22 years which I carefully wrote down word for word. These instructions became a blueprint to my overall success and I call it The Modern-Day Trilogy. Why you may well ask? I called it The Modern-Day Trilogy because I tweaked the instructions to suit my circumstances. These 3 voluminous books have been sold and distributed throughout the world. Today I urge you to get a copy if you want to see changes in 2017. If you are struggling to purchase a copy of The Modern-Day Trilogy, please send me a private message and I will send you a copy for free. It is my prime motivation to make available a copy of this amazing compilation to all householders on planet Earth. If it helped me, I am quite certain that it will help you. 2017 is made up of 365 valuable days and each day consists of 86,400 seconds. I want you to value your time on Earth and to make every second of your day count. I want you to love your life and to live your life. If you are faced with a dilemma there is a solution. Don’t fear for it is a New Year. I wish you a very happy New Year from the bottom of my heart. May every second of your year be filled with accomplishment and fulfilment. May your passion and desire grow and grow to unprecedented levels. Thank you once again for being my eternal friend. I will be by your side daily guiding you to act in the best possible way.


Does January make you Janu-weary?



Does January make you feel Jan-weary? Good day to you Dear Friends, I hope that you are well and not perhaps feeling a bit weary. It is a common feeling to feel weary but more common when you realise that your goals have fizzled away. You no longer have the strength to pursue your goals in the way you wished. We all await the end of the year and create an endless list of wannabes. We want to get rich, to have our first home and to remain healthy. We want to Jet Ski in the quietness of a paradisiac archipelago sunset or paraglide in the Bahamas under a tropic setting. Little do we realise that anything that we unselfishly want in life can be achieved. It takes just a plan of action followed by endurance. Endurance is the fuel that keeps the lantern alight or the candle kindled. Endurance is fuel that keeps your goals alive. Feeling weary is like driving your vehicle on low fuel. You need to fire your engines all the time, in the right sequence each day. Having those goals in your heart without a burst of germination is like a seed that is thrown into the arid soil with little of hope of germinating. To build fuel you need fuel. You need to source fuel. You need to be inspired, aspired and motivated. You need to think big and you need to cover weariness from laziness with a sense of craziness. You need to think crazy by imagining what it would be like to be fit, rich, and goal orientated and prosperous. You need to scour the net for ideas, images and the works to get fuelled in the right sense. If it is riches that tickles your fancy then gather information about riches. Fit into the shoes of riches and imagine what your life would then become. Then ask yourself the imminent question, does the shoe fit. If not discard and start again. Keep trying till you discover the feelings of your passion. Life is about living. Live a life of realistic dreams and they shall become your life filled with joy, happiness and prosperity. Giving up on hope, the last breath of illumination in your life is like stalling the engine, burning the wick or turning the light switch off. You need fuel. You need to fuel your goals each day and keep them alive by becoming affixed to them. Think big, and think about what you want your life to be. Think about success and you will be successful. You just need fuel to get you there. You need to keep your goals alive.