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December – The month of Creativity



December – The month of Creativity

Quote of the day

‘December, the month of Creativity holds its place in the almanac of modern man. It consists of a period of festivity, a noted time of activity in the northern and southern hemispheres, a celebrated time of nativity, a phase for positivity as we create new goals and a historical phase of divinity.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A very warm welcome to a warm and friendly month in December 2016. 12 months ago, when we spoke about creating goals it seemed more like 12 weeks ago? Time moves so quickly when you are immersed in productivity. Time is important and it is our most important asset. Therefore, we need to treasure our time in pleasure, leisure and a measure of solid work. I always refer to Christmas as a time of Creativity. We are always creating in December, especially our goals for the New Year. Goals shape our lives. If your goals are unselfish your future will be wonderful, beautiful and bountiful. This is a divine guarantee. Creating these golden goals is unique to every individual. As you create you need to meditate to ensure that your innermost feelings rise to the surface and expose exactly what you want in life. Everything starts with a vision and that vision starts from the base of your heart which is the foundation of your existence. Your heart is golden, it is pure, it is divine and it is your resonating tool that sends positivity to all parts of your body. In one sense, you could say that your heart is like the battery in your car. You need to care for it and how you do this depends on what you eat and how you exercise. For your heart to resonate positivity around your body you need to ensure that you set aside time each day to focus on your input. Inputting good foods into your system will always ensure good moods out of your system. Inputting correct levels of exercise will ensure that you downsize to the right BMI, stay away from the fries and maximise your workload. December is a month of Festivity for all. It is the highlight of the Christmas faith and we remember this well by re-enacting the Nativity. December is the celebration of Christmas where Santa makes his appearance through love and joy. December is a month for little children and big children. We all have the festive spirit in us irrespective of our faith. It is a time to reflect on the past 11 months and a time to inspect our strategy for the next 13 months. It is a time to rejoice, to embrace, to relax and to remember. It is a time for you, for him, for her, for them and for every individual on the face of the Earth to love and embrace each other. Have a wonderful start to a wonderful month, take care and wrap up well.


Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP


Quote 126

Remember it’s December – Remember it’s a month of LEADERSHIP

Quote of the day

‘Remember in December to take 31 days and create 365 days of noted change in your life, a lifetime of joy and happiness that permeates the air above you and a legacy of good deeds for others to follow with your own personal trademark. To achieve this you need LEADERSHIP’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A festive welcome to the month of December 2015. Our theme for this month is called ‘Remember its December. It is an important month because we are going to gain LEADERSHIP in all our activities from now on. LEADERSHIP is about the mastery of management and in our case scenario we need to focus on the management of our Time, our Life and of our Finances. Keep these three important aspects of our lives in check and you have the making of a successful individual. To emphasis this point we shall use the word LEADERSHIP as an acronym to create a methodology to enhance our personal psychology. My definition of Personal Psychology is to create a lifetime of happiness and joy from within. Happiness and Joy must always be and should always be at the forefront of our existence. Take these two vital qualities away and you take away a life worthy of 100 years. LEADERSHIP is an excellent acronym to use as conjures up 10 useful words. These 10 words are: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, INSPIRATION and POSITIVITY. Before we talk about these 10 useful words we need to understand the importance of setting goals. Goals could be minute or they could be mammoth. Whatever size they are goals are designed to make substantial changes for an individual. We are not in a competition but rather in a noted transition. This transition revolves around a substantial ambition and that ambition is to live an honourable life on planet Earth which is immersed in a daily aura of Happiness and Joy. Time is moving rapidly and before you know it I will be wishing you a Happy New Year. Before I do that I need to build on your creativity by making your dreams turn into workable and golden goals. By the end of this month you must have a cluster of written goals and of course, the tools and the mechanism to make them come true. This commitment will create a significant change in your life for 365 days, it will also create a lifetime of constant happiness and joy. Would you trade in such a reward for anything else? I experienced change since November 1994. I would not trade such as change for anything else. On a scale of 0 -100, I would say my Happiness and Joy peaks above 95 every single day. I want the same to happen to you too. Remember in December is a program of 31 illustrious days of coordinated instructions for you to follow and implement. It starts from nothing and it develops into something. It fills a blank canvas with a masterpiece depicting your future. Your future is unique because you are unique. You are and will be a LEADER in your field. Today I want you to earnestly believe in your uniqueness and what you can do to make a significant change to your life. Let us now expand on these 10 useful words: LONGEVITY, ETERNITY, AFFLUENCE, DIET, EXERCISE, RULES, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS and INSPIRATION. Longevity is an inbuilt programmed concept to live a physical life of 100 years which is purposeful, eventful and unselfish. Eternity is about our existence beyond the realm of our physical existence. It is an account of our life in different dimensions and in different time zones. Affluence is the Science of living in comfort, and more notably without pain and without unselfish gain. Diet is a word that I do not necessarily like because it conjures up a vision of people eating only a selected range of foods. Diet to me is a process of eating intelligently and eating according to your workloads. Exercise is the necessity of an individual to help maintain a sturdy figure and to keep muscles toned and healthy. Rules are for the making and consists of a series of carefully orchestrated instructions that have been laid down for us to follow from the beginning of time. Success is our mainstream conduit to overcome stress. Stress is a killer, Success is a countermeasure. Happiness is the fountain of youthfulness, it annuls the forbidden zone of sadness. INSPIRATION is the breath of life. It intoxicates you with the constant desire and passion to make dreams come true. Finally POSITIVITY is the highlight, limelight, starlight, sunlight, bright light and delight that ignites you during daylight and during your nightlight. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls these 10 words are like tools to an artesian, melodies to a musician, circuitry to a technician, makeup to a beautician, figures to a mathematician, wiring to an electrician and words to a composition. I want to take 10 days in December with your permission of course to expand on these 10 most useful words. I think it is relevant to your overall Success. I wish you everything of the best as you close the curtains to your adventurous 2015 and open the doors in 30 days to 365 glorious days in 2016.

‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’


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‘December is here, December is a time to endear and December is a time to hear.’

Quote of the day

‘As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic.’

December is such a wonderful month separating an old year from a new one. December is a magical month too and celebrates the birth of our Lord. December is miraculous month astounding the world with miracles and hope. December is here but unlike a magical rabbit from a hat December is here to bring joy to the children and laughter to the household. December is a time to endear and to praise our Heavenly Father for our greatest gift on Earth, his only Son, in Jesus Christ our Lord. December is a time to hear. It is a time to hear your heart pour out its true feelings and urgencies so that you may take action in resolving any issues that you may have. It is a time also to hear others as well, to listen to their grief, their brief and their long awaited relief from their own personal trials and tribulations on Earth. December is also a time to hear the word of GOD and to acknowledge His presence. Without December life can be like a candle, flickering in the gentle wind and finally extinguishing into the darkness that beckons us all. The month of December must be likened to a mystical journey starting on the 1st and ending on the 31st. This journey shall start like this: As I walk into a kingdom of magic I know that there is hope for me. The month of December is like a door that closes bitter memories and opens better ones. From the 1st to the 31st I shall treasure this passage as I journey into a kingdom of awe, wonder and magic. December is definitely a highlighted journey of spirituality and morality. You can feel it in the air. It is a time for blessing, for resting and for celebrating. It is a journey that lasts for 31 days but makes an impact on the rest of your life. December brings hope to all. December is also a month to remember. We remember the birth of our Lord and we remember to offer praise. Praise comes through by celebration. Celebration is festive and brings people together and strengthens bonds. Let us holds hands together in December and start the New Year with a kilo of love and a milligram of hate. Let us cultivate hope together and make December a month to always remember. Let us treasure our gifts on Earth and let us give warmth and a hug to the person beside us. Let us light a candle so that its glow can be seen far beyond the ionosphere. Let us gather our thoughts and strengthen our bonds. Let us do things that will make 2015 a better year for all. The month of December is like a beacon that shows the end of the year has come. The greenery is taken away from the landscape and the mountains are capped in snow. The lakes are cold and the bears start their hibernation. The clouds are dark and the rains are torrid. All of these things will happen in order to cleanse the way for a New Year. As the cycle renews so do you, to start fresh on the crisp sound of a New Year. Go forth and break old barriers that inhibit you and take on new challenges that exhibits your desire to change the outlook of your life and the outlook of the world.

Control your Temper in December


Control your temper in December

Control your temper in December. Welcome on a fine Saturday morning here in good old London Town were a mixture of rain, wind and sunny spells shapes our weekend. You cannot control the weather but the real question is can you control your temper. Your temper maketh your day, your week and your life. Quote of the day: ‘Our temperament determines our success. We extend our tempers to others over our own frustrations, yet it is upon their existence that our overall success is determined.’ We shed our anger, our temperament and our frustration to others in a manner that can be quite frightening. Have you encountered an angry, tempered and frustrated person charging at you? This is exactly how they feel when you charge at them. Controlling your temper maketh your day, your week, your month, your year and finally your life on planet Earth. December shall be upon us. Before the dawn of 2014 we need to control our temper in the way we control the temperature with a thermostat. When I received my revelation over 19 years I was elevated in a stance that would change my life. I realised how important individuals really are. I needed to embrace this new friendship with open arms. I now have over 7 billion friends of whom I shall always care for, share with and remain constantly fair. Donating to charity which Universally Friendly constantly does is one way of expressing true friendship. Understanding people is another. You cannot change the moods of others but you can certainly control your own. When I first made available the third book in The Modern Day Trilogy series called ‘The Key to Happiness’ to my students I received a good feedback. They said that they were overwhelmed by the context of temperament and how we should embrace each other in a new way. I want you to exercise your temperament like never before. You cannot change overnight but use December to control temper. Watch your words, observe your actions, challenge your mind, focus on your good deeds and live with constant anticipation. Anticipate the temperament that is about to come your way from the person beside you or in front of you. Do this with constant determination and see how the New Year shall be despite the recession or the weather or the temperament of others. Have a splendid day and remember tomorrow shall be the beginning of a new month but also the beginning of a new person in you.