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Happy Birthday


Chime Quote 361

A very celebratory morning to you Dear Friends for it is my 54th birthday and as with ALL achievements a birthday really earmarks that. I am happy and confident to say that I have a further 46 years to live on planet Earth. It is a long time calculated to precisely 3,974,400 seconds. As I age my abilities will lessen parabolically. I am not afraid of this because I want to take care of the bulk load of my responsibilities now. I want to lift the workloads that need lifting now and keep in pace with what I can do and realistically avoid what I cannot. I want to pace the Earth as of today as a more matured individual. I should actually have gain ample experience to deal with issues. I should have mastered my endurance, my stamina, my wisdom, my patience and my integrity. Quote of the day: ‘Birthdays are really the milestones in our lives that highlight our progress annually. We should acknowledge the good deeds that we perform and ask can we do better. If we have performed poorly then we need to make real amends.’ Whatever you age is always remember the Formula to Success: 100 –YA (YA stand for your age). So, when you reach another birthday celebrate your achievements with great respect. Assess your abilities and access your capabilities. Assessing your true abilities makes you the judge and juror. You are able to judge how well you have done over the last 12 months because you are making a self assessment. Accessing your capabilities is how you shall move forward in the next twelve months. You input a workload according to your goals and from your very own experiences in life. Have you ever calculated how many seconds you have left to live on planet Earth? Every second is crucial. Like a penny that makes up a pound value every second that makes up your life. Fill it with worthy deeds and accolades. Love you ALL dearly and have a great day today. If it is your birthday today I wish you a very happy birthday.


The Universe is Opulent


Dear Friends, how many of you can openly say that certain things in life is really impossible to find? When I was a young boy I always used to wonder why did I not have a birthday party or a toy for Christmas. I used to often wonder why I used to walk the streets without a pair of shoes or go to bed feeling hungry. I used to wonder why I did not go to a good school where my Peers could unselfishly impart valuable knowledge to me. Everyone will have a tale to tell and yet the Universe is opulent, pouring with an endless stream of wealth and health. I was only 35 years of age when I started to find out the reason why these things would happen. On reflection I feel hurt but the pain is not as potent as before but the memories are. It would be so wonderful to give onto others the gifts that will bring about inner joy and profound Happiness. This is my pledge to try and achieve at least just that. Bear with me and you shall see the world as never before. You will see how your life becomes so infused with valour and with courage. You will find the right tools to do the right work and you will wonder over the awe and magnificence of The Universe like never before. Be strong, be patient but don’t make others make you fell otherwise. Thank you for reading this message – Anthony