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The Colours of September – the month of Passivity


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The Colours of September – the month of Passivity

Quote of month of September

‘The kaleidoscope effect of September makes it the month to always remember. There is the outbreak of Autumn colours with distinct watercolours of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown that intertwine with the technicolour of an epic blockbuster.  The Earth in compliance makes it final quarter journey across its orbital path around the Sun, here a hurtling ball of activity revolves with passivity. Finally, there is migration of birds over epic distances, mutation of animals over tiny distances and creation of species over the entire globe in multicolours of high definition.’

White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! A heartfelt welcome to a colourful month in September 2016. I call it the month of Passivity. Why? It is called the month of passivity because all creatures great or small follow a path of obedience. They sense a change in season and with reason set off on a journey that is vital to the planet as a whole. There is obedience in each species from dragon flies to butterflies, from bugs to slugs and baboons to racoons. As a result, we need to follow a path of passivity too. We need to observe in order to conserve. We need create reserves in order to preserve. September colours makes us observe the beauty of life and how we fit into it. As animals and plants exercise obedience we must also exercise obedience. The use of the word passivity in this instance implies the subtle art of showing respect and obedience. It is the art of perfecting the natural world by inspecting the flaws that we might have created and correcting them with obedience. It is the month of collecting information relative to the overall needs of all the inhabitants of our planet to ensure a smooth migration of all life forms. Every little helps. If just one person does it the job becomes unmanageable but if everyone lends a helping hand it becomes more manageable. We need clip the edges and snip the hedges. We need to recycle and get on our bicycle. We need to keep things clean with a noted routine. The Science of Obedience eliminates disobedience. Disobedience is a common trait in all age groups and cultures. The Art of Respect makes you look at every aspect of life enabling you to protect, correct and inspect wherever necessary. Dear Friends use the colours of September to helps make our planet revolve smoothly about its axis. Let us become involved in climate change by interchanging ideas globally and rearranging our lives to meet the challenges ahead of us. Success it will be for us all, but we need to address world issues too and allow the process of life follow a smoother lifecycle. In the month of September 2016 I will help you to achieve this. I will inspire you daily as usual and motivate you to take the right action. Let us take 30 days of colour and turn it into a masterpiece of accomplishment and fulfilment.


Creative August – The month of Hyperactivity


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Quote of the month

‘August 2016 is deemed the month of hyperactivity. It is the Science of being exceptionally active in order to achieve eternal success and happiness. In the past seven months you acquired various tools, essential power words, amazing quotes and riveting articles to stimulate you to take action every second of your day, August it is time to implement them.’

The use of the word hyper in this instance implies a phase of excitement in your life to acquire success and happiness stimulated by inspiration. White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit! Welcome to the first day of August 2016. Sorry for the late tweets, my sister-in-law is here on holiday. Last night we went to the most exclusive Tandoori Restaurant in London, the food was good and the service was excellent. In the Databank Times there are reviews of restaurants around London with offers and discounts that you can get when you visit them. To achieve eternal success and happiness you need to be exceptionally active. To do this effectively you need to Merge Happiness and Success as one.  Merging Happiness and Success will always reveal a smile at the end of any day. They are like two peas in a pod. Many will seek success in the usual climatic way but are not necessarily happy. Some will try to pretend to be happy but are not really successful. To achieve success, you need to be happy. To remain happy, you to ensure you are climbing upwards rather than downwards. If you merge happiness and success together you will always attain a positive result. Who better to ask than me? I always set forth on my daily journey to work with happiness packed in my makeover. I never leave home feeling sad. If I do, then I know the outcome of my day will be ruined. The merging effect can be done effectively if you apply the SHARP Effect. The SHARP ensures that you merge happiness and success as one. The SHARP Effect consists of six potent words which will form the article of tomorrow. You need to be Subtractive, Hyperactive, Active, Attractive, Reactive and Proactive. The SHARP Effect is your useful application. Have a wonderful start to the month of August 2016. Take good care.